Curating the Room

16 Nov

Ok – you have two days. The assignment is to think about the nature of clothing, and turn a garment or garments into a different sculptural form. This was the challenge given to 60 Foundation Diploma students at Sussex Coast College. Then, unexpectedly, Katy Oxborrow and I were given a challenge ourselves. We were asked to consider the resulting art works and choose from them to set up the first exhibition in the  Room – the mobile gallery standing outside the college. This was yesterday lunchtime; by the evening the exhibition was set up. We do things fast in Hastings. It was difficult making a choice; so many of the works were excellent; we had to consider not only what we thought was good but also what would fit and what would work well together. Here are the works we chose in no particular order.

Jamie Bitmead: Office Mess

Lauren Brooker: Sea Foam

Mel Monk: Breakdown of Communication

Anya Cecil: Forensic

Suzi Iverson: suspended skirt

George Moody: Journey of identity (detail)

Saskia Sullivan: Jacket Deconstructed

Grant Bingham: Number 3

Kern Fairburn: Untitled

Evie Allum: Inspired by Shakespeare

Tom Penney: Collar

Megan Donfresco: Chemistry Set

Jess Styles: Circles

Next week there will be a new exhibition in the Room

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