Hastings Christmas sea …. and seagulls

25 Dec

The  Hastings fishing boats were all on the beach because it is Christmas Day, but the sea didn’t care; it was busy doing its stuff.

Two fishing boats are on the beach at Hastings; the sea can be seen in the background

Hastings fishing boats on the beach on Christmas Day 2012

Seagulls flying above the sea at Hastings

The seagulls were enjoying it

A seagull shelters from the wind on the beach at Hastings

Except this one that didn’t want to play because it was cold

Dark seas at Hastings UK

He was right; it was cold

Sea on Christmas Day in Hastings 2012

But sometimes the sun came out

Sea breaking on a breakwater at Hastings UK Christmas Day 2012

For a few moments


Happy Christmas everybody.

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