Brain Dysfunction: new painting

I have just completed, or think I have completed (I am never very sure about these things) a new painting. It is called Brain Dysfunction and it is about a brain not working properly. It is not actually my brain; at the moment I think my brain is all right and according to Lumosity which I do fairly regularly in the rather superstitious hope that it might keep it in good order, my brain is absolutely fine – in fact quite perky.   It is more a fear about what my brain might do in the future.

You know how it feels when you can’t recall a name or a word; it is as if there is a little bit of sky in your brain: a hole where the word or thought should be. In this painting there is quite a bit of sky; indeed in the centre of the picture the brain seems to be thinning and more sky seems to be threatening to break through.  There are also quite a few skanky places where bits seem to be peeling away or generally clogging things up and  a few slimy places where slimy thoughts are happening.

b rain cropped 2

It is quite large, about 4ft square, painted in oils on canvas but there is also some collage – the sky bits are pixelated photographs as you can possibly see here:

2013-01-10 15.37.51

2013-01-10 15.38.26

I have also used quite a lot of tissue paper for the flaky effects. I am not entirely sure how stable it is so I might give it  a coat of varnish in the future. On the other hand I suppose I could take line of least resistance and  adhere to the view that if some bits flake off  then that is in the spirit of what it is all about.

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