Putting the visitors in the picture

After a hectic weekend, Artmasters 2015 at the Old Truman Brewery is finally over; I wrote about my work Calcium Wave on October 16 in the post below. With so many strong works on view I also wanted to show you some of the others. Although we all came from an academic background, having recently completed Master Degrees, and with about half the artists undertaking doctorates, our work was highly diverse.  There was Lucy AndrewsVestiges; she produced fascinating patterns on aluminium by allowing ink in water to evaporate. There was Lucinda Burgess’s work Differences, in which cut steel rods treated in the same way showed different patterns of rusting. There was photography, with Natalia Zazova’s striking photograph Black Swan, while Ali Darke’s scuptural installation of long eared creatures which had suffered a mishap with spilt milk, attracted lots of attention. There were paintings of course and I particularly liked Suzi Morris’ work Trojan Horse about the effect of virus on the body as well as Asiya Clarke’s Pareidolia

We have now packed up the works, exchanged cards, made promises to keep in touch and then braved the traffic jams of Brick Lane, before heading off to different parts of the country to return to another week in the studio. If you missed it,  you can see more examples of work on Artsthread as well as an interview with our clever curator Anna Fairchild, whose own work Decoding Dissonance is about memory and absence.

Was all the hard work worth it? Nobody sold, but most of the people there were not interested in selling; but we certainly got feedback. I had heard the exhibition attracted huge numbers of visitors.  On Friday morning I wondered where they were;  by Sunday, with the nearby markets in full swing, we had no shortage.  Some of them admittedly may have been lured in by the hope of charging their phone, using the gents, or taking a short cut to the stalls of honey and leather belts in the market beyond, but there is nothing to say that people with those needs can’t be interested in art.  Certainly the pile of post cards of my work and my business cards all disappeared, as did a glossy book showing my work. I was uncertain whether to be furious somebody pinched it, or flattered that they wanted it. Possibly the most useful part of the occasion was meeting other artists, making new contacts, swapping tips as well as having the opportunity to see how our audience reacted to the different works.

Here are some scenes from the exhibition that also puts some of our visitors in the picture. I am including some shots of the works I liked the best

“It’s interesting but is it interesting enough to pause?”


Lucy Andrews: Vestiges
Clare Thatcher looks at Namiq Ozturk’s Punch Without the Bag,
Clare Thatcher: Transitions of Place
Natalia Zazova: Black Swan  and a visitor who has already seen it
Careful – You on the right. Mind you don’t kick over Differences
Lucida Burgess: Differences (detail)
Suzi Morris: Trojan Horse
Ali Darke: Installation Detail
“You look at us – we can look at you.”
Asiya Clarke: Pareidolia
Visitors look a Calcium Wave

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